A once in a generation opportunity to plan for the future.
A conversation among neighbors about what’s best for the community.
A vital and vibrant part of Menlo Park – then, now and in the years ahead.
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Lane Partners and SRI are working in collaboration with the Menlo Park community as we pursue a greater purpose for the existing SRI campus. Together, we are developing a cohesive mix-used neighborhood that will support the broad community need for housing and transit-friendly design, and enhance the quality of life for surrounding neighbors.


  • In summer 2021, we hosted three initial community open house events to hear from our neighbors and the greater community about your priorities and preferences. These meetings helped inform the early plans for Parkline, and we have incorporated many ideas directly into the plan.


  • In Fall of 2021, we submitted a formal project plan to the City of Menlo Park based on the feedback we heard from the community. The first formal submittal reflected the three separate community outreach meetings, as well as a conversation with our fence line neighbors.


  • We held a second series of meetings in summer 2022, as well as a community-wide survey, and ongoing conversations with residents, officials, and neighbors.


  • In November of 2022, an updated conceptual plan with further refinements and technical updates was submitted to the City based on this feedback.


  • The City held a public study and scoping session in December 2022 to solicit items for review and consideration as it prepares the site’s environmental impact report. The public dialogue focused substantially around housing, including calls for as many as 1,700 units.


  • In February 2023, Parkline agreed to study a project variant of up to 800 units with a base project of 550 units, including land dedication for a 100 percent affordable stand-alone housing project.


  • In June 2023, we hosted a new open house meeting and in-person and digital surveys to gather feedback on the 550 unit plan and the 800 unit variant, affordable housing considerations as well as solicit further feedback on amenities, transit and safety updates.

What we’ve heard: your priorities

In conversations and through surveys, you’ve told us that traffic management, parks and open space and affordable housing are most important for the future of Menlo Park.  We also heard that specifically, Parkline can help with access to open space, traffic and transit issues, and housing.

Your input is critical in helping shape the plan for Parkline and its evolution. Visit our project page for a look at some of the latest design refinements implemented as a result of our ongoing community conversations, and sign up to receive our updates.

Next steps

We continue to gather feedback and work with City staff as they prepare the draft environmental impact report, slated for circulation later this year. We are planning another open house on refined housing options in Fall 2023. We look forward to further conversations and refinements, and greatly appreciate your ongoing participation in the planning process and your help in evolving our shared vision.

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