Developed with neighbors.

After more than 75 years of pioneering research and world-changing solutions, Menlo Park’s SRI International is reimagining its 63-acre corporate headquarters at 333 Ravenswood Ave. Parkline will transform the property from an outdated, closed office campus to serve a greater purpose within the Menlo Park community.

Parkline will open up the historically closed campus for neighborhood gathering and recreation, with abundant open space and a network of bicycle and pedestrian paths and walkable streets that will be truly connected to the community.

The current concept for Parkline includes:


800 housing units, including a mix of affordable and market rate rental housing.

Park & Open Space

Over 28 acres of landscaped publicly accessible open space to create a park-like atmosphere for the community, including a running trail and outdoor fitness amenities.

Links to Transit

A system of bike/pedestrian pathways intended to create a safer and more direct East-West linkage through Menlo Park.

Safer Routes to School

Enhanced accessibility and connections to existing City infrastructure, including the approved grade separated pedestrian and bicycle crossing at Middle Avenue and the new bike/pedestrian freeway overpass on Ringwood.

Sustainable Office Space

6 highly sustainable office/R&D buildings, which will replace nearly 1.1 million square feet of outdated and inefficient commercial buildings, with no increase in commercial space.

Public space

Spaces to gather for activities, with community-oriented retail such as a juice bar and bike repair station.